Orange and Blue: Colours that Drive us Forward

Logo is synonymous with the brand; that’s what TransinfoSolutions, the leading IT-enabled digital marketing enterprise, strongly believes in. A brand logo is the graphic symbol with impactful visual effect and aesthetic impression. It is the prime brand identity in which the business or the brand traits are potently summed up; what the brand is all about. Also, colours play a major role in our lives; it stands for who we are. At the same time colours play with our psychology; it impacts our mood, spirit, emotions. Bright beaming colours make us feel spirited and energetic whereas sombre dull colours will be monotonous and bland. Hence, choosing a brand colour while designing the logo is crucial for any business as it plays major role not only to tell the brand story but also draw attention. TransinfoSolutions logo colours are orange and blue; two most impactful colours of colour palette. But why Orange and Blue?.. Orange, to strive for innovation: Orange is the colour of energy and crea…

Food for Thought:

Have you ever wondered what is the most searched item on social media, it’s FOOD! Clearly food is not what it used to be once; just a sole purpose of eating. Now people spend hours on their social media platforms to tart up your stir-fry to make it look like a perfect art installation. Truly, our most essential to survive, Food has come a long way..!!

The Ultimate Guardian:

Once again, again and again, we go back to the great visionary whose innovative approach touches upon every aspect of LIFE. Gurudev, who was much ahead of his time, gives us right direction on patriotism, motivation, work-life balance, value of time, importance of nature, power of faith, even positive outlook to death. An enlightened ocean of unyielding knowledge and inexorable wisdom, Viswakavi is even more relevant in today’s time; hope prevails as he once wrote:
“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.”

5 Ways to Grow your Client List in Digital Marketing:

Done with market research, product details, digital advertising tools, now, the vital question; where to find clients or how to win over more clients? Though, building a strong clientele is not so easy task; with delivering absolute QUALITY, trust and reliability between consumers and service providers play crucial for any business success. We have seen clients of decades will never change their preferences for certain product or brand despite other goodies available in the market. Yes, in business there will be some unavoidable circumstances where you may lose some loyal clients too. But with some dos and don’ts you will be successful in retaining old clients and also gaining new clients:
Reference, the crux of strong clientele: No matter how speedily online marketing is spreading all over; we still prioritize communication through word of mouth. There are clients who would love to assist you to fulfil your business dreams. Also your cordial exchange with your clients will take them i…

Be aware of ‘Text Claw’!

As our elders say, too much of anything is always bad. Do you spend too much time texting or scrolling? Is your child gaming on your smart phone all the time? WARNING!! Reports from medical experts across the globe, over mobile phones indiscriminate usage are quite worrying. With overly texting, typing, browsing and scrolling, users may develop TEXT CLAW, a non-medical term to describe sore muscles and finger cramping resulting in aching, wrist pain, numbness, loss of strength. In severe Text Claw cases, patients sometimes can’t even perform the smallest tasks, the day-to-day ones. Hence, mobile phone users, children included, need to be little cautious, that whether the constant handset companion is not harming their health, sending a message should not hurt!!

Why Digital Analytics is so Important?

Now let’s face it, digital marketing is literally incomplete without digital analytics, period. The business world is changing rapidly and so is advertising or marketing. Over the years digital marketing has taken a gigantic shape; from business giants to small entrepreneurs all going online. The whole attitude of consumers has changed quite a lot, they prefer more reliable personalized experience which meets their needs. In an age of communication and information, analytics can change the game, it’s a make it or break deal. Clearly, data makes it more specific, accurate, informative; easy and simple task to follow. Here are some solid hand-picked reasons why Digital Analytics is important to run a successful business: The importance of analytics: The old analytics which are obsolete now, were not clear on ROI. Those were primarily challenging when it comes to collecting data on a particular campaign. The process was tedious and time consuming where data were manually collected; so mos…

Digital Marketing, Now More Creative and Unique:

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”-Jef I. Richards.

There is no doubt that consumers or marketers lose their interest the moment they see a sort of repetition in a concept of a digital marketing creative. They swiftly shift to others; consumers surface through channels, screens, various devices looking for something refreshing, informative, engaging and of course fun. One important thing is to be kept in mind that customers or marketers put all efforts to their best of ability to attract target audience within short period of time. Hence, as a marketer the biggest challenge is to resonate, make an impact, and give consumers exactly what they are looking for. To be creative is not an arduous task, one needs to do little research on tools and techniques where to use them best:
Make it responsive: Over the years, responsive style has peaked at a speedy record. Responsive design makes the design respond to specifications of the devic…